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#BREAKING REM sleep lower in migraine sufferers: study

Jason Sudeikis, Kim Kardashian West Among New ‘SNL’ Hosts

Padma Lakshmi defends filming 'Top Chef' in Houston after Texas' passing of anti-abortion law #BREAKING

#BREAKING : New poll finds that the Supreme Court’s approval rating has plummeted from 60% to 49% in only the last 2 months due to Texas’ abortion law, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett. Historians say it’s the sharpest drop in modern history. RT IF YOU DISAPPROVE OF THE SUPREME COURT!

Breaking News: The FDA authorized Covid booster shots for Pfizer vaccine recipients who are over 65 or at high risk, including because of job-related exposure.

#BREAKING NEWS: Lauren Boebert is now facing “punitive action” after admitting to the Federal Election Commission that she illegally used campaign donations to pay for her personal rent and utilities, saying it was an innocent “error.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT SHE MUST BE PUNISHED!

#BREAKING : Biden admin seeks contractor to run migrant detention facility at Gitmo, guards who speak Creole.

#BREAKING : FDA approves Pfizer vaccine booster for people over 65 and those at risk of serious illness.

#BREAKING REPORT: House Republicans introduce ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT for *President Joe Biden...

#BREAKING : Biden Admin planning to open Haitian detention center in Guantanamo Bay, per govt records

#BREAKING : 50 of the biggest companies in Texas sign a letter blasting Governor Abbott’s abortion ban, saying that not only does it violate their values, it’s also hurting their profits because it “threatens the health” of customers & workers. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE COMPANIES!

BREAKING: Dale Castillo, executive president of the DLSL SG, has advised students to leave the webinar “Campus Peace and Development Forum" organized by the Philippine Air Force after the program instead focused on claims connecting progressive groups to the CPP-NPA, Sept. 22.

When a couple fights too much but they're not breaking up they're really inlove.
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US:#BREAKING: Police storm The Shrine of Remembrance, firing tear gas at construction workers on the sacred place.

The US is purchasing an additional 500 million Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to donate to lower-income countries starting in 2022,so long...

#BREAKING : Illegal Haitian migrants are being released into the United States on a very, very large scale, per US official

#BREAKING : A 3,500-year-old clay tablet with inscriptions in ancient Mesopotamian that was looted from an Iraqi museum 30 years ago and sold to the extremists at Hobby Lobby for $1.7 million is confiscated by US authorities and is being sent back to to Iraq, where it belongs.

Covid-19 has now killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic.

BREAKING: Two longtime Republican operatives indicted and there's a Russia connection.

Illinois woman gets 75 years for murder of boyfriend's son, 4; judge calls her 'horrible pseudo-parent'

The Biden admin says, in light of the Texas abortion ban, it will fortify enforcement of existing federal laws requiring hospitals to take care of pregnant people and protect health care workers who've performed abortions from employment discrimination.

This beautiful woman has been baptized, confirmed and received the Lord Jesus truly in the Eucharist.
Our newest Catholic!

As ridiculous as it sounds to most people, I'm convinced that we're witnessing some kind of actual occult "black magic spell" being used on a global scale

Why do I constantly feel like something is stuck in my throat?