#BREAKING Djokovic legal fight delayed by online court glitch: spokesman

#BREAKING Aid agencies suspend work in northwest Tigray after deadly air strike: UN

#BREAKING French President Emmanuel Macron wants to stand for a second term in April presidential elections but will only declare his intentions once he is sure, he said in an interview with the Le Parisien newspaper

#BREAKING Omicron is now the main coronavirus variant in France: official

#BREAKING : A jury has found opioid manufacturer
and others responsible for the destruction they caused Americans by fueling the opioid crisis.

This ruling in our trial is a victory for every family and community torn apart by opioids.

#BREAKING France to impose more work-from-home in Covid fight, says Prime Minister

started reconnaissance flights only 60km from Russian-occupied territory in eastern #Ukraine .
People in the free city of Kramatorsk could see the Boeing RC-135V in the sky.

Putin achieves the opposite of what he publicly(!) claims, he wants...

#BREAKING Saved by the creepy woman!!!! OMG

She *spits* on a man & slaps him while screaming “put your mask on”. The mask cultists are insane.

#BREAKING :Turns out, per Maddow, THREE Trump campaign staffers were DIRECTLY involved in trying to FORCE an elderly Georgia election worker into confessing to some BOGUS election fraud story, which they could use to overturn Biden's win in Georgia. SICK

GT investigates: More youth eager to discuss how to govern Taiwan after reunification, quash bias toward mainland

#BREAKING UK records highest ever daily number of coronavirus cases

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