#UPDATE A new Taliban interim government in #Afghanistan , drawn exclusively from loyalist ranks, formally began work on Wednesday with established hardliners in all key posts and no women, despite previous promises to form an inclusive administration

#BREAKING EU warns Taliban govt in Afghanistan not 'inclusive and representative'

#BREAKING "America is back," is President Biden's catchphrase, but his unapologetic exit from Afghanistan shows America won't be back to business as usual.Biden is pitching a much broader retreat . Trump says Taliban feared him; blasts Biden's 'tremendous disrespect' for troops.

#BREAKING Taliban fighters have advanced deep into Afghanistan's holdout Panjshir Valley, with resistance fighters saying they are keeping the Islamists at bay, but analysts warned they are struggling

#BREAKING Western Union announced on Thursday that it would resume its money transfer service to #Afghanistan as the Taliban deal with enormous economic hurdles following their takeover last month

#BREAKING President Biden calls US evacuation from Afghanistan "extraordinary success"

#BREAKING Recent American deaths Afghanistan, by year:

2017: 17 killed
2018: 15 killed
2019: 22 killed
2020: 9 killed
2021: 13 killed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pentagon: US airstrike targets Islamic State in Afghanistan in retaliation for deadly Kabul airport attack.

BREAKING: U.S. drone strike kills ISIS-K planner in eastern Afghanistan, military says #bidencry

Swift Taliban takeover leaves US image in tatters https://9020.link/XCSV #Taliban #Afghanistan

After two decades in Afghanistan, America's longest war was ending with the image of the United States in tatters #Taliban

The rapid fall of Afghanistan's national forces and government has come as a shock to Biden and senior members of his admin, who only last month believed it could take months before the civilian government in Kabul fell. https://9020.link/2fkT4A #Taliban

President Biden is expected to address the nation in the next few days about the crisis in Afghanistan, an administration official says

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Evidently Afghan people want or prefer the Taliban otherwise they wouldn't advance so fast. Security forces despite superior equipment put up no fight! Afghanistan is a prime example that you cant impose a culture on people. Let them be until they get tired of it.

President Ashraf Ghani leaves Afghanistan as the Taliban move further into Kabul, AP and Reuters report
- Officials told Reuters and The Associated Press that President Ashraf Ghani has left Afghanistan for Tajikistan as the Taliban say they will move further into Kabul.

- According to Al Arabiya, Kabul will be handed over to the Taliban and an interim government led by the group will be formed.

- Three Afghan officials had confirmed on Sunday to the AP that the Taliban have started entering the capital of Kabul from all sides.

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