President Biden said tonight at the town hall he is “ready to fundamentally alter the filibuster!”

It’s time to pass bills that 81 million Americans voted for!! I want to see change! #BidenTownHall

Biden repeatedly name-checked Sen. Joe Manchin, who has created steep hurdles for Democratic leadership attempting to move spending bills through Congress, but also called Manchin "a friend" and expressed optimism he would support the bills. #BidenTownHall

President Biden: "I do think I'll get a deal" on key spending proposals #BidenTownHall

is breaking down why job vacancies persist. Be it whether it's covid hesitancy, suffering from loss/mental health issues, negotiating for better pay & living wages....these are all valid reasons & I'm glad Pres. Biden is speaking to the human experience #BidenTownHall

Pres Biden calls out Joe Manchin tonight for torpedoing Medicare, the climate change plan, free community college

We need more of this!

All Americans should know who’s responsible for our planet burning and Americans struggling to pay for healthcare & education


President Joe Biden answers questions in a CNN Presidential Town Hall moderated by Anderson Cooper #BidenTownHall

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