China vowed Friday to punish "diehard" Taiwan politicians, saying it would ban several from visiting the mainland, as tensions between Beijing and Taipei spiked to their highest level in years

Can we go one day without a tweet about China? What have you done for Tennessee today?

#BREAKING Troubled property giant China Evergrande suspends Hong Kong market trading

#BREAKING China is preparing to reunify Taiwan, and the preparations have been completed

BREAKING NEWS! The Department of Justice reaches a "Deferred Prosecution Agreement" with #MengWanzhou . She pleads NOT GUILTY she is a free woman and going BACK TO CHINA! I break it all down in a new video

An Air China plane carrying #MengWanzhou has taken off from Vancouver's YVR airport.
After over a 1000 days in Canada, she is now on her way back to China

Really happy to hear this. It was a real miscarriage of justice and also a horrible position America put Canada in. Glad to see it ending. #MengWanzhou #China #ChinaUsPoli

Alex Mihailovich:I have said this from the start - Canada should have let #MengWanzhou slip though its fingers. We have damaged our relations with China for nothing. Anyone with half a brain knew that it would end like this from the beginning.

Around 4.35pm, this unscheduled Air China 777 carrying #MengWanzhou took off from Vancouver International Airport, where it all began almost three years ago. For Meng, it's over

#BREAKING China government official:The #Chinese and #Russian people will not allow any attempt to negate or even beautify the history of aggression, nor will the peace-loving people of the whole world.

HuXijin_GT :It has always been you that invaded China, but China has never invaded you. You have interfered in China's internal affairs and have sent warships to harass China, but China has never done such things to you. Why do you accuse China of being "aggressive"?

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