World nations will gather on Monday at the WHO in Geneva to thrash out whether to pursue a pandemic treaty setting out how to handle the next crisis after #covid19 -- which experts fear is only a matter of time

FDA Grants Full Approval To Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine #9020club #9020home #9020news #covid19

German nurse suspected of injecting 8,600 with salt solution instead of COVID vaccine
A police investigation has found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected around 8,600 people with a saline solution instead of COVID-19 vaccine in Germany's Friesland. "I am totally shocked by this episode," Sven Ambrosy, a local councillor, said on Facebook as local authorities asked the residents, who may have been affected, to get another shot of COVID-19 vaccine. #9020blog #9020news #9020sale

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